Brand Building & Development


Iceberg team of professionals has the right knowledge and experience to assist our clients to build and develop strong brands that will stay for a long term in the market and establish a sustainable relationship with their customers.

We know how to define the key elements of the brands like the brand personality, brand culture & values, brand identity standards, brand positioning and to design and develop the right brand strategies for our clients to create a unique identity and produce sustainable results.

Our proposal to create a new brand or to improve an existing one, is based on a professional research we do about our client’s needs, market size, competitor’s products and services, their advantages and disadvantages, resources etc.

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What we do is more than what you see. What you see is only the tip of the Iceberg.  It is dedication, hard work, honesty, responsibility that leads us to success.

detail of a pencil on a sketched textured paper.
  •      Defining key brand elements

  •      Brand naming and brand logo design

  •      Brand identity standards guideline

  •      Brand collateral design

  •      Brand name and logo trademarking

  •      Products labeling and product packaging

  •      Brand positioning

  •      Brand messaging (slogans) to target audience

  •      Brand launch

  •      Brand presentation events and campaigns