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We are one of the first innovative and integrated advertising and communication agencies founded in Tirana, 1999. Now, for more than two decades, we have been the testimonials and a determinant actor of tremendous changes in this industry.

We fuse specialists from advertising, event management, and decoration to work, inspire, and engage in customer relationships. What we do is more than what you see. What you see is only the tip of the ICEBERG. It is Beyond Communication. It is creativity, hard work, and dedication that leads us to success.

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Iceberg Communication is a pioneer marketing and advertising agency in the Albanian market. At the core of what we do lies the belief that a good marketing strategy and plan has the power to transform a business and put a brand in the focus of the most ideal clients and customers. We can work together with our clients to create and execute winning marketing strategies based on market research, the client’s budget and human resource capacities, as well as their business objectives and realities, ensuring their success while saving time and money.

We know how to create an emotional effect that can motivate the target audiences, raise the client’s credibility and help them stand out from the crowd to attract the attention of both the public and media. Our PR specialists have the expertise to advise the clients on how to positively a engage with their customers. Integral part of the success our PR strategies is also the excellent relationship we maintain with traditional and online media which allows us to enhance the brand image of our clients. Our services include media training of company officials, media coverage analysis, social media strategy etc.

As nature redecorates its scenery every three months, we are inspired from its forms, odors and colors for the models that we bring into our everyday life. We design, produce and implement unique and impactful scenography and decorations including 2D and 3D elements, lighting, audio, video technology, designing, printing and other decorative elements both indoor and outdoor. Our team of professionals has the talent, experience and knowledge in creating a unique festive atmosphere and we can proudly assert that some of the most memorable holiday decorations in Albania bear the name of Iceberg.

Events management is one of the main services that we offer as we consider it as an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. Our clients include national and international business companies, government organizations, non-profit organization and individuals, because We are the first and the biggest event organizer in Albania and our creativity, attention to detail and responsibility is what sets us apart. Furthermore, being leader in decoration industry helps us incorporate all event elements in an exclusive set up and create a lasting positive impression to all attendees.

Our professional team is specialized in building and developing strong distinct brands that appeal to the target audiences. We know how to define the key elements of the brands such as personality, culture, values and standards that help our clients position themselves in the market and establish a sustainable relationship with their customers. In order to create unique identities and produce sustainable results, our proposed strategies for new or existing brands are based on extensive research about our client’s needs, market size, competitors, their advantages and disadvantages, resources etc.

We focus on the creative strategy as a powerful tool which guides all the ways in which a company expresses itself, both visually and verbally. In this case, by creativity we mean innovation and originality in communicating as simply and clearly possible the brand personality and values to the target audience. By consistently applying all the elements of the visual identity across all communication materials and channels, we create and maintain a strong “brand” that reinforces who our clients are, how they define their personality and the values providing to the key audiences.

Iceberg team has an extensive experience in designing and executing traditional advertising campaigns and providing special advertising services into various industries. Our knowledge, information and professional skills allow us to propose, design and implement the best advertising ways in order to take the maximum of results. Furthermore, we can supply a big range of promotional products thanks to our professional capacities and through an excellent collaboration with our international and local partners.

Nowadays technology, the internet and social media have shaped the consumer behavior and enabled marketing tools to track, predict and influence. Iceberg Communication has the professional capacities to apply modern and traditional marketing tools tailored to the clients needs . Our digital marketing strategies ensure new advantages to our clients and strengthen their positive image by raising brand awareness and visibility through today’s powerful marketing tools and advancements in digital advertising.

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