Strategic Marketing Consulting


Some companies tempting to jump straight to tactics before creating a marketing strategy. They try to promote their business through TV commercials, billboards, promotional materials, brochures, website, or Facebook, but if marketing efforts are not working together, they are not producing efficient results, and even worst can work against you.

We can work together with our clients to create and execute winning marketing strategies based on the client’s budget and human resources capacities, as well as their business objectives and realities, ensuring their success while saving time and money.

The Iceberg marketing strategies and plan have the power to transform a business and put a brand in the focus of the most ideal clients and customers.


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What we do is more than what you see. What you see is only the tip of the Iceberg. It is dedication, hard work, honesty, responsibility that leads us to success.

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Market research


Part of our market research include: market opportunity and threats research, competitive research, strategic positioning research, brand perception research, etc.

marketing consulting

Marketing strategies


Market expansion strategy, market share growing strategy, segmentation strategy, innovative product strategy, positioning strategy, etc.

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Marketing planning


We can consult and training you about the marketing plan development or our specialist can write your annual marketing plan.