Digital Advertising


Development of internet, digital technology, and social media, has changed the culture and behavior of consumers. In Albania, more than 70% of the population spends a lot of time navigating the internet to collect information and engage on social media.

With today’s powerful marketing tools and advancements in digital advertising, we can now collect data about a customer’s profile and behavior and target the exact audience that’s most likely to purchase products and services.

Iceberg Communication has already built professional capacities and our digital advertising specialists are very passionate about using modern technology in addition to traditional advertising tools.  Our digital marketing strategy consists on creating new advantages to our clients and strengthens their positive image, raising brands awareness and visibility.

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What we do is more than what you see. What you see is only the tip of the Iceberg.  It is dedication, hard work, honesty, responsibility that leads us to success.

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Digital strategy


We propose the best digital advertising strategies to promote the brand, products and services of our clients. We can build and propose a detailed annual or monthly digital advertising plan.

Web design

Website design


We design websites with the purpose of achieving the business results to increase traffic of visitors and convert them on costumers. We also audit existing websites to improve them further.


Social media


Creating content and advertising campaign on all social medias, and promoting them in accordance with an approved plan by the client. Offering a well-designed e-mail advertising campaign.