Decoration & Scenography


The nature redecorates its panorama every three months and during this process we are inspired from the forms, odors, colors and models and we bring them in everyday life.

We design, produce and implement all types of decorations: City Decorations, 2D and 3D decorative elements, Indoor and Outdoor decoration. Our team of professionals has the talent, experience and knowledge in creating a unique and memorable festive atmosphere.

We offer unique and impactful scenography including 2D and 3D elements, lighting, audio, and video technology, designing and print items and other decoration elements.

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What we do is more than what you see. What you see is only the tip of the Iceberg.  It is dedication, hard work, honesty, responsibility that leads us to success.


Holiday’s Decorations


  • Christmas decoration

  • Independence Day

  • Halloween

  • Easter day decoration

  • Summer day

  • Children’s day

  • Saint Valentine’s day


Commercial Decorations


  • Corporate Premises

  • Shopping Centers, shops

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Bars

  • Company Events Decorations

  • Tradeshows

  • Business and Product Launch

  • Inauguration Ceremonies




  • Televisions studios

  • Theater Decoration & Scenography

  • Concerts

  • Political Events

  • Sportive Events

  • Public Outdoor Events Decorations

  • Gala dinners